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Meet Our Team

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Andrew James & Karen Kana

Founders & Owners of GK Barber Lounge

Meet Andrew and his wife Karen! They had a vision of what Gents & Kings would look like, with their hard work and dedication, they turned their vision into a reality! Both became young entrepreneurs in 2019.

Know more about Andrew, he studied business administration and marketing management. He worked in corporate world along side barbering but he has always wanted to open and run his own shop; not any normal barbershop, rather a very high end, well run and organized, and most importantly giving top notch services to whomever walks through G&K doors! This was his DREAM!

Know more about Karen, who’s originally from Chicago, and studied Exercise Science. When she moved to Canada  back in 2018, she had no idea that she would become a business owner. Now Karen’s creative ideas, hard work and dedication, she made sure that Gents & kings would have a totally different vibe than any other barbershop. She has completely put her own touch and vision on what Gents & kings would look like. She constantly tries to improve the business. 

They both run their growing business and they are very grateful to have an amazing team and not to mention their clients endless support!


Jacob Ammari

Co-Owner (Oakville Shop)

After traveling the world as an aircraft maintenance engineer, holding the Transport Canada license, in addition, to his FAA certificate, Jacob decided to become an entrepreneur filled with enthusiasm by the support of his wife and two sons.

During his 26 years of aviation experience, Jacob worked as an Aircraft Inspector, Chief of Maintenance, Technical Manager, and Director of Maintenance for five years.

Since the early stage of his life, Jacob has always admired the art of Barbering that helped him and all others enjoy the authentic look that each one deserves. The art that turns messy hair into a fresh and light feeling is unbeatable!!

An excellent haircut not only gives a good look but also cheers up the mood. It also provides total confidence that the hair is in top-notch condition even without looking into a mirror.

Aowss Yaldiko


He worked as a medical laboratory technician prior to barbering, but decided to learn the trade back in 2019. He didn’t want an ordinary job, but rather a job that he would enjoy and look forward to going to work, a job that he can be creative in, and meet new people everyday. 

Fun fact about Aowss: he sings and plays multiple instruments. 

He is a full time barber at the OAKVILLE LOCATION 




Kevin joined the Oakville team after working at Gents & Kings “Elora” and “Guelph” locations. Kevin’s uncle was a barber and he admired barbering since he used to spend hours at his shop in his teen years. 
Even after receiving his degree in “International Business Management”, he could not resist but to come back to his old passion.
Kevin plays soccer and the gym is part of his daily life.


Kevin is a full time barber at the OAKVILLE LOCATION.


Jimmy Tiu


Jimmy joined our team with more than 20 years of barbering experience in the Oakville area. Jimmy enjoys the art of painting and drawing while listing to music. He also loves biking and fishing

He is a full time barber at the OAKVILLE LOCATION


Elias Abboud


He hails from a background focusing on athletics and artistic expression and brings that passion to his career as a barber. He enjoys surrounding himself with nature, and exploring new hiking trails. He uses his talents to make his customers look as good as they feel. He runs his life by reminding himself daily of this quote. 

" its not about what you have but who you are." 

He is a full time barber at the ELORA LOCATION

Jack Shaekspear

Head Barista of GK Cafe 

HIs originally from the UK and has lived in Centre Wellington from an early age. Youngest in a family of seven, he is a keen bookworm and an amateur writer, being first published when he was seventeen. Jack is a bartender and barista, and feels most at home serving drinks to others to brighten their day. 


He is a full time barista/bartender at the ELORA LOCATION


Ron Mahrami


Ron joined our team with his Canadian Hair Collage Diploma and a ten-year experience in Barbering & Hair styling.

Since art was Ron`s passion since his early stage of life, he also worked, previously, as a Jeweler for 15 years.

He is a full time barber at the OAKVILLE LOCATION 

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